How we make sure supervisors approve their timesheets on time

When supervisors don’t approve timesheets by the deadline, it, well, it just sucks. If they don’t approve the timesheets it creates extra work for the payroll team because we have to do one or more of the following:

  1. Follow-up with the supervisor
  2. Delay starting payroll until they approve the timesheets (which then means we have to cram)
  3. Deal with the payroll disputes next period because timesheets were not approved and employees missed out on things like overtime.

So, what can we payroll specialists do? Well, we can get the support of management and have them hold the supervisors accountable.  

Every pay period, we can send a summary report to management showing all the supervisors who did not approve timesheets before the deadline. They can then use this report to quickly see where the problems are and take action with the relevant supervisors.

Here is a free report template you can use to track and report on compliance with the timesheet approval deadlines. 

When you use Finn to process payroll, you don't need to follow-up anymore.

Finn sends email/SMS reminders and automatically re-routes approvals when a supervisor is on leave. If supervisors keep missing deadlines, Finn notifies their manager and asks for intervention.