Payroll Software Philippines

Finn is your best friend when it comes to running payroll, quickly and error-free.

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Performance Management

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Workforce Management


Data Imports and API


One database

To maximize data security, we assign every client their own database in the cloud. We don't have clients share a database and choose not to use a multi-tenant model.


Turbo-charged payroll

We're fairly sure you won't find a faster way to run payroll that with Finn.


Eliminates the hidden cost of payroll

Finn reduces the cost of payroll and targets the elimination of workload across almost all departments.


Extensive Support

We'll always be contactable if there is an emergency situation but the truth is that because our payroll servers are so reliable, our average client needs to contact us just once every few months.

Some of the many reasons to love Finn...

Git rid of follow-ups

Payroll teams love Finn because it automates the constant follow-ups that are needed to ensure timesheet approvals are submitted on time. By the time the payroll period needs to be run, Finn has made sure that supervisor approvals are complete (even if it has to chase people who are on leave).

Eliminate disputes

Finn is designed to help you achieve zero payroll disputes and it does this by automating not just the running of payroll but the auditing of timecards and payroll calculations,

Everything is automated

Retro-active pay increases have long been a headache for payroll teams.  Well, no more.. with Finn, retroactive-payroll increases are calculated and included automatically.