When is the next holiday in the Philippines?

There are two types of holidays that affect the salary of an employee in the Philippines, Regular holidays and Special non-working holidays. Well, there is a third type of holiday when both a Regular and a Special non-working holiday fall on the same day. When this happens, it is often referred to as a double holiday.

The official source of announcements of new holidays is the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, and it is found at https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/. Every time the President signs a new holiday into law, a scanned copy of this the Proclamation is loaded to this website.

Sometimes there is a delay in loading the Proclamation, especially when it is a holiday with a flexible date or one that is declared at the last minute. When this happens, a great way to check the specific date or the status of a new holiday is to Google “philippine holiday rappler“. This often brings up an article about a new holiday and we suggest Rappler as they seem to be the quickest to post new articles about Philippine holidays.