Dashboards and KPIs

Drive increased employee performance with insight and data

Actionable Insights

Visualized data highlights areas where improvements are needed and provide early warnings when trends are developing.


Real-time and role-based

Providing real-time dashboard insights, Finn displays the information needed based on the role of the employee in the company.


Employee Demographics

Report on the demographic breakdown of your current employees, including segregating by tenure.

Discover why employees leave

Identify the common causes of employee attrition so you can implement strategies to address the root cause. 

Analyze data from employee exit interviews and offboarding.

Payroll Cost Breakdown

Track trends in payroll totals by pay category and department so cost control efforts can be easily implemented.

Reports for your every need

A full set of summary and detailed reports to meet your reporting needs.

Philippine Government Reports

Download a monthly zip file containing all the data you need for government reports and contributions.