Leave Balance and Approvals

Approving attendance has never been this easy

Custom Approval Trees/Workflows

Define your own approval workflow based on company policy.


Proactive Follow-ups

Finn makes sure that approvals are done on time, including advanced follow-up features such as checking if a supervisor is on-leave and re-routing approvals according to business rules

Self-service filing for leave

Employees file all requests for leave with the system enforcing leave balances (and optionally allowing negative balances). Approvals are then sent to the supervisor and any other department or person your business rules dictate.

Pending approvals are easy to find

Listed on the supervisor dashboard, approvals can be processed in just a few seconds for and entire team.

Custom approval trees

Define the approval workflow for the entire company or by department.


Real-time balances

Employees can view and track leave usage and balances, including future forecasts and advance leave approvals.


Team Leave Summaries

View team leave and attendance summaries to help make better decisions around approvals.