Fast, accurate and reliable

Autopilot capability

Run payroll with just one click

Employees can record their start and end time each day using either the browser on their computer or their cell phone.

Manual time can be added by the employee (if they forgot to record it) and is sent for approval before it is included in the payroll run.

Monitor approvals

Overtime is only paid when approved by a supervisor (or any other approval tree you define).

Finn conducts integrity checks to confirm that even if overtime has been approved, it has matching attendance and complies with your company policy.

Visualize your pay run

Using the approval process defined in your company, overtime requests are filed online and only get paid if approved prior to the payroll cut-off.

Leaders can approve requests via their browser , email or using a mobile device.

Full Control

Attendance for the period is clearly summarized for each employee, allowing them to approve accurate attendance and be sure that all necessary premiums get included in the payroll run.


Client Billing

Payroll teams no longer need to worry about the admin work and email trails required to correct missing premiums such as when an employee forgets to file for OT.

Once identified, the employee is able to file a request for an adjustment online, this is routed to the supervisor and then payroll. Once approved by all, it will automatically be included in the next payroll run.