Online Employee 201 Files

Go paperless with everything in one place

Finn understands the Philippines

Ensure compliance and protect the company by ensuring accurate employee records are in place.


Fully Customizable

You can create custom fields and sections to ensure that your every need for a 201 file is met


Employee Profiles

All data related to employees including full bio-data, the hiring process, actual employment and performance related details such as KPIs and memos.


Pay Instructions

You don’t need to be limited by fixed fields on the employee profile. You can create an unlimited number of custom fields, allowing self-service access if required.


Pay Instructions

Store current and historical salary instructions.


External Documents

Attach documents to profiles such as NBI clearances, birth certificate and memos issued to the employee.


Headache-free onboarding

Use the employee self service features of Finn to reduce the administrative workload required of when there are new hires.