Philippine special and regular holidays

When is the next holiday in the Philippines? There are two types of holidays that affect the salary of an employee in the Philippines, Regular holidays and Special non-working holidays. Well, there is a third type of holiday when both a Regular and a Special non-working holiday fall on the same day. When this happens, […]

Annualization: Setting yourself up for success

Annualization is just around the corner. Get ready now and beat the stress. Preparation is key   The end of year is fast approaching which means annualization is around the corner.  We believe that starting the process in late August will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to manage the entire process because […]

Unpivoting tables in Excel? What’s that?

How to use Unpivot in Excel to flatten data in tables Some of you will already know about unpivoting data in Excel but for many, this is a game-changer that can save hours and hours of manual work for timekeeping and payroll teams. A common scenario for people working in timekeeping and payroll is the […]

We hate nagging supervisors for timesheet approvals

How we make sure supervisors approve their timesheets on time When supervisors don’t approve timesheets by the deadline, it, well, it just sucks. If they don’t approve the timesheets it creates extra work for the payroll team because we have to do one or more of the following: Follow-up with the supervisor Delay starting payroll […]