Running payroll in Finn

How employees track their attendance

Attendance (start and end of shifts) needs to be loaded to the employee timesheet for the accurate calculation of payroll. You have a few options for getting these punches added to the timesheet:

– Upload them from an export file from your biometric device

– Upload them in bulk from Excel

– Have employees use the real and manual punches on the online timesheet to record their attendance in a browser (on a desktop or a phone)

and what happens when they forget to add a punch

In this example. the employee arrived at work on Wednesday and realized they forgot to punch out of their shift the day before. In cases such as this, the employee uses the Manual Punch option to record the punch out. Once approved, this will be included in the payroll run and prevent an absence being deducted.

How employees file for leave or overtime

Employees file for overtime and leave using their timesheet. After selecting the date they wish to file for the overtime (or leave), they click Edit to display the popup menu that asks for relevant information. In this video, the employee applies for birthday leave but has no balance. 

Overtime is file the same way, just selecting OT as the payroll code in the dropdown.

... and how supervisors approve it

Supervisors have the option to approve each leave request one-by-one via their dashboard (as shown at the start of this video) or in bulk, with one click, via the Pay Period Summary shown at the end of this video.

Loading new hires

New hires are loaded

Employee Timesheet Approvals

Employees approved timesheets

Supervisor Approvals

Supervisors review a summary of all their team’s timesheets and add their approval.

Load Manual Instructions and Review Dashboard

The dashboard contains a lot of information to assist in making sure all approvals are received and all data is loaded. Runs occur automatically or you can use the Run payroll to force one to start.

Review DTR and Payroll Register

Checking payroll is correct is as simple as a few Data Filters in Excel. In this example, we are checking to make sure there are no employees who have a schedule, no punches and no approved leave. 

Finalise Payroll and Release Payslips

Once you’ve checked payroll, just click the toggle buttons to finalize and release payroll.

Payroll Register and Daily Time Record

The payroll run produces a zip file that contains everything needed to validate the results and credit employee bank accounts.

Payroll Register

Daily Time Record

Bank File

We export the text or Excel file supported by your bank.

The fast way to validate payroll registers

Generating other reports

You can run a wide range or reports in Finn, including things like the HR Masterlist, Monthly Government reports and Annualization.